Fire Risk Assessments – an Essential Service During Covid-19

Social distancing. Lockdown. Working from home. Get back into the office. Work from home again. Eat out to help out. Stay home and stay safe. To say the advice is ever-changing and somewhat confusing is an understatement, but one thing is for certain: now more than ever, we at Excel Fire are glad to be out doing what we do, providing landlords and property managers with the fire risk assessments that they need to keep their tenants safe.

Fire risk assessments are even more crucial now than ever.

The fact is, we’re spending more time at home. By ‘we’, we’re talking about the population of London and the UK at large. With more and more people spending the majority of their time at their place of residence due to local lockdown and social distancing restrictions, fire hazards have naturally increased. As such, fire risk assessments which are overdue become more of a worry on both our part and that of the landlords we work with.

If everyone is being forced to stay in, we want to ensure the safety of those doing so.

Fire risk assessments save lives.

Along with money, time and stress for those who are considered a “responsible person” with regard to fire safety. With residential units comprised of multiple homes especially, safety for tenants is the utmost priority – so, for many of our clients, partnering with us to conduct the annual FRA is a huge weight off their mind. Luckily, we’re able to conduct most aspects of our fire risk assessments with complete social distancing and little to no disruption to residents.

It takes planning and a little creative problem solving here and there. But adapting is something we’ve all had to do – and we’re grateful that our line of work is able to so easily conform to local regulations and restrictions.

Fire risk assessments are what we do best.

And we reiterate the pride of delivering them as an essential service during Covid-19. This isn’t driven from a commercial standpoint or selfish reasons; what we do protects the safety of others and, as we’re able to do it in Covid-19 compliance, it makes sense.

If you’re a landlord, property manager or otherwise fire safety responsible person, we’d love to explain more about the protocols Excel Fire has put in place to conduct our works properly, safely and securely. Refer to our previous blog, where we outlined many of the measures we’ve taken, or call the team today on 0203 302 9558.

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