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Injectaclad is an acrylic based graphite sealant developed by leading fire protection experts. It is used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor construction cavity details, where linear gaps are present within hidden voids that can allow fire and smoke to pass through from one compartment to another.

Injectaclad expands upon contact with heat and is considered as an intumescent or reactive material.

The product is pumped into the desired depth and width void using a patented method to form a linear cavity fire barrier utilising the systems reinforcing mesh and holding pin supports.

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Why Injectaclad

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  • Retrospective cavity barrier repair system
  • Can be fitted within gaps up to 200 mm width
  • Minimal disruption for building occupants
  • Fire tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2015+A1:2017 in June 2017
  • Tested to BSEN: 1366-4 up to 2hr integrity and insulation
  • Tests designed in the style of ASFP Guidance TGD 19
  • Simultaneous and speedy installation across multiple elevations
  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Ideal for uneven and irregular cavity construction types
  • Works with PIR insulation left in place
  • Avoids the need to remove external fa├žade systems
  • Several quality of install assurance processes for sign off
  • High expansion properties
  • Causes no known affects to plastic, sheathing or metallic components
  • Smoke, gas, water and air tight
  • Fungi and vermin resistant
  • Water soluble and odourless
  • Can be overpainted
  • Supplied in manageable 20 litre pails

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Copyright 2023 Excel Fire Ltd.

Excel Fire Limited is registered in England and Wales, Number 11776179 VAT Number 313 4669 10

Registered Office: The Octagon, Suite E2, 2nd Floor, Middleborough, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1TG