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FRACS Fire Risk Assessments in London


We’re qualified to carry out FRACS fire risk assessments in London, a certification we’re extremely proud to hold. What’s the difference?

Beyond Face Value: How We Prevent Fires in Homes


How do we prevent fires in homes? By plain and simple due diligence. Here's some pertinent info about a recent job, and why it hit us so hard.

Which Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?


After some brilliant feedback on last week’s blog (which discussed each type of fire extinguisher and how it works – check it out here), we thought we’d go more in depth. After all, what’s the use in knowing how each piece of equipment works but not which one you need? Read on for some quick…

Different Types of Fire Extinguishers & Their Uses


Fire extinguishers are so commonplace throughout public spaces and buildings, most of us barely notice them anymore. However, in an emergency situation, one being in its correct place could make all the difference. There are five main different types of fire extinguishers. Each one is used to tackle a different type of fire – so,…

From Firefighter to Fire Risk Assessor: All in the Name of Safety


Here’s a piece written by our resident Managing Fire Risk Assessor, Matt Digby – you can find the original article here. Fire safety; fire protection; fire prevention. Whatever you call or refer to it as, it’s the industry I’m lucky enough to call “home”. My background is varied but, fundamentally, my journey began working as…