A Guide to New Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021

Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021

The Grenfell Tower incident of 2017 was undoubtedly one of the biggest tragedies we’ve seen in this country, and particularly harrowing for those working in the fire safety industry. It’s easy to look back and ask what could have been done differently, what should have been done better, and speculate on how many lives could […]

The Importance of Fire Door Inspections

fire door inspections

Fire doors are put in place to do a job: delay the spread of fire and smoke. They come in various categories which offer protection of 30, 60, 90 minutes and beyond. But, much like getting a new car, maintaining them is key to their effectiveness – which is why having your fire doors inspected […]

Fire Safety in Empty Buildings: All You Need to Know

Fire Safety in Empty Buildings

Do you own, or have you recently come into possession of, an empty, neglected or unoccupied building or property? Think because there’s nobody inside or using it, you have no obligations when it comes to fire safety? Think again. Here in the UK, the same rules apply to both empty and occupied buildings when it […]

How to Reduce False Fire Alarms

reduce false fire alarms

According to gov.uk, fire rescue services in England attended no less than 231,510 false fire alarms in the year up to June 2020. Think about that for a minute. The year previous to this was 229,961 (so that’s a 6% increase), and five years ago 215,857. Not only is the number going up – it’s […]

Excel’s Guide to Fire Safety in Student Accommodation

fire safety in student accommodation

Ah, students. Their lifestyle might be the envy of some but, the truth is, that alone poses some interesting challenges for landlords of the places they live. The same fire safety measures apply whether we’re talking about halls of residence or a private home which has been let out to university-goers; have you considered the […]

Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments: Who, What & Why?

type 4 fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessments (FRAs) come in all shapes and sizes – much like the fires they’re built to protect your property and its inhabitants from! As a fire risk assessment business in London, our job is twofold. The first and obvious thing we do is to offer expert advice and guidance with regards to what […]

Workplace Fire Safety: Housekeeping Tips

workplace fire safety

So, what’s the latest? Are you back in the office yet or, like many of us with the advent of tier 4 here in London, getting comfy working from home once again? Regardless of where your workplace is and what tier it currently falls into, as an employer with fire responsibilities or the landlord of […]

High-Rise Fire Safety: 3 Tips for Landlords

high-rise fire safety

Being the landlord of a high-rise building poses different challenges and more to think about when it comes to fire safety. A fire is unpredictable at the best of times; adding to that a longer escape route and myriad ways for it to spread plus potentially longer detection times means that high-rise fire safety carries […]

How Often Should I Conduct Smoke and Fire Alarm Inspections?

fire alarm inspections

The early detection of a fire is a critical part of protecting those within a building from the danger it poses. As a result, conducting regular fire alarm inspections is something which should be a priority for landlords and business owners. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to become complacent and feel safe in the knowledge […]

Which Fire Detection System Should You Be Using?

fire detection system

As fire risk assessors, it’s our responsibility to understand the hazards of the buildings we inspect. Further to this and certainly one of the most important aspects of fire fighting is about understanding which fire detection system is going to be the most useful and effective when it comes to protecting your properties and its […]