A Guide to New Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021

The Grenfell Tower incident of 2017 was undoubtedly one of the biggest tragedies we’ve seen in this country, and particularly harrowing for those working in the fire safety industry. It’s easy to look back and ask what could have been done differently, what should have been done better, and speculate on how many lives could have been saved, but the truth is that what’s done is done. Instead, we should all focus on taking proactive measures to improve things for future incidents which may happen – and that’s where the Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021 comes in.

What is the purpose of Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021?

The new legislation, which is currently awaiting consideration by the House of Commons, has primarily been written to minimise risks for those living in domestic residential properties which house more than one home – apartment blocks and student accommodation, for instance. Its focus is on placing more accountability on the responsible person (the owner/landlord or designated fire safety individual) to reduce hazards and manage fire risks, specifically converging on some of the ‘grey areas’ we currently see.

So, what’s going to change?

The biggest changes which come with the Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021 regard building structures and external walls (including balconies and windows), plus communal entrance doors. If the bill is passed, it’ll become mandatory to have regular fire door inspections conducted (which seems like a no brainer in our minds). The overall aim is to provide clarity as to the areas where fire safety legislation physically applies, i.e. the actual structure of a building including its walls, or just what occurs within them.

What do landlords need to do to prepare for Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021?

As a landlord or otherwise fire safety-responsible individual, it’s important to be aware of changing legislation – particularly this, which is the biggest amendment we’ve seen in a decade or more. With the bill being passed imminently, now’s the time to review your fire safety practices and ensure your annual fire risk assessment is either up to date or booked in for some time soon.

You can find in-depth information about the new Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021 here; to discuss this or any aspect of your fire safety planning, we happily offer advice which is both impartial and expert. Get in touch with our highly-qualified team today on 0203 302 9558 or via this form.

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