Workplace Fire Safety: Housekeeping Tips

So, what’s the latest? Are you back in the office yet or, like many of us with the advent of tier 4 here in London, getting comfy working from home once again? Regardless of where your workplace is and what tier it currently falls into, as an employer with fire responsibilities or the landlord of a commercial building, it’s high time to be making some thorough checks. Ensuring the safety of your occupants couldn’t be more important – especially when you consider that over 22,000 fires occur in the workplace each year in this country1.

Some simple, regular housekeeping practices could vastly improve that number. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top workplace fire safety tips for you to work your way through ahead of the new year.

Workplace fire safety checklist:

  • Check your windows to ensure that they can all be opened properly from the inside, providing a crucial escape route for lower floors if needed
  • Check all power outlets to make sure that none are damaged or, worse yet, overloaded – according to Electrical Safety First, more than 10,000 fires per year are due to faulty or misused electrical origin
  • Check exposed cables aren’t becoming worn or damaged (or simply in a place where they could be a tripping hazard in the event of an evacuation)
  • Check that all kitchen appliances are properly stored and located in a non-hazardous area, i.e. not in too close proximity to water outlets
  • Check that all exit routes are clear and that there are no obvious potential obstructions around, which might get in the way during an evacuation

All of the above are simple tasks which, carried out regularly, can go a long way to improve workplace fire safety and reducing your risk as landlord.

On top of this, what are your legal responsibilities?

  • To create an extensive, effective escape plan and evacuation route which is reiterated with key members of staff, plus placing clear signs around the workplace to ensure everyone has access to it
  • Regularly inspecting fire alarms and smoke detectors to ensure everything is in proper working order and will sound in the event of a fire
  • Having an annual fire risk assessment completed by a qualified partner, to ensure everything is as it needs to be and that no unnecessary risks or hazards are present

When it comes to workplace fire safety, there are lots of extraneous variables to worry about – but that’s where we come in. Excel Fire are adept at conducting extensive fire risk assessments for commercial properties, from office buildings to gyms and any other premises who welcome both employees and customers on-site.

To learn more about our services (not to mention the many certifications which set us apart from the competition in London’s fire safety industry), get in touch today.


1Per Dorset Fire Protection.
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