Which Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

After some brilliant feedback on last week’s blog (which discussed each type of fire extinguisher and how it works – check it out here), we thought we’d go more in depth. After all, what’s the use in knowing how each piece of equipment works but not which one you need?

Read on for some quick tips regarding which type of business you run and, as a result, what type of fire extinguisher might best help you mitigate a fire safety incident.

Commercial Businesses

If you’re responsible for the fire safety of an office environment, there’s a lot to think about. The risks from class A (combustible materials) and electrical fires are all around, often being managed by busy people with lots of their own to think about.

Put simply, fire safety isn’t top of the priority list.

So which type of fire extinguisher do you need to be making accessible? You’re going to require water and, in certain circumstances CO2 and/or dry powder fire extinguishers (server rooms, for instance). These are going to give you the best chance of stopping a developing fire in its tracks.

Hospitality Businesses

Many hospitality environments are extremely busy, high-pressure places to be at the best of times. The risks posed by fires breaking out (often class F) are numerous. But it’s also a place where, with the right equipment at hand, incidents can be resolved in mere moments.

Wet chemical is the most effective type of fire extinguisher to have at hand in many hospitality fires, so that your kitchens can remain safe, and your doors can stay open to customers.

Public Sector Businesses

Schools, hospitals: the places where failure just isn’t an option. It couldn’t be more important to have the right type of fire extinguisher – not to mention people who know how to use it – where they need to be.

The same goes for those facilities keeping many of our crucial systems up and running, important processes which help to run the country each day. Myriad challenges make this wide category vulnerable to fire risks. You’ll need to create an inventory of fire extinguishing equipment placed in the optimum position for a response when one’s needed.

Which is where we come in.

Our team of qualified fire safety professionals can ensure you have the right type of fire extinguisher right where you need it. To talk more, get in touch on 0203 302 9558 or drop Matt Digby a direct message on LinkedIn.

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