What Makes a Fire Safety Expert?

ex·pert definition


“a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”

It’s a funny word, “expert”. At what point do you become one, or at the very least able to call yourself one? Does it simply come down to a perception from others? Or is there a level we have to reach in our profession or education to deem it so?

We work in a sector which quite literally can be life or death; the advice we give has the ability to save them. It’s not a responsibility we take lightly. Which makes it all the more important for us to cement ourselves as a fire safety expert, in all of the ways above – how our clients see and think about us, the service we offer, and the steps we’ve taken to get there.

A fire safety expert has the certificates to prove it.

We’re 3rd party accredited – it’s a pedigree, and we’re not afraid to shout about it. Where so many businesses operate in our industry with minimal qualifications which masquerade as top dollar, we’ve spent years curating the most relevant, valuable and renowned industry certifications. From UKAS to WarringtonFire FRACS, FIRAS and beyond, our resumé continues to grow. And even before you’ve worked with us, gotten to know us or experienced our service, this sets us apart.

A fire safety expert backs up what they say with facts, figures and references.

The advice we give isn’t just what we’re thinking at the time, or what we reckon might work best. It’s a cross section of the circumstances we’ve seen before, the regulations we know so well and the hours of work we’ve put in to understand best practices. It’s all backed up with the latest legislation, and figures which show what we do works. We don’t just offer opinions – not unless they’re backed up by facts and experience.

A fire safety expert grows with the industry.

We’re constantly learning, adapting to the challenges the fire industry throws at us, and continuing our development. When Covid made visiting client sites difficult, we spent the time educating ourselves, staying up to date on whatever’s happening in the industry. We educate our clients in turn, and keep up with the often breakneck pace of fire safety – literally and figuratively.

So, would we call ourselves fire safety experts?

That’s a question we’d rather leave with you.

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