UKAS 3rd Party Accredited – What Does It Really Mean?

Well, it’s been as busy a week as ever here at Excel Fire; like many others, we’re feeling the initial strain of adapting to the various protocols which come with being back at work in the wake of Covid-19. With that said, it’s amazing to be doing what we love once more – providing exceptional fire safety consultancy to our clients – and we certainly know how lucky we are to be able to do so.

Speaking of exceptional, there’s another exciting qualification on our books. Just this week, Excel Fire gained their BlueSky Certification for fire door inspections. It’s another string to the bow we’re constantly adding to; further to this, it means we’re also officially UKAS 3rd party accredited to conduct such services – but what exactly does that mean?

To use the description on their own website, “UKAS is the UK’s National Accreditation Body, responsible for determining, in the public interest, the technical competence and integrity of organisations such as those offering testing, calibration and certification services.” In layman’s terms? They’re the holy grail in competence certifications, so to speak; their aim is to keep the public safe, by ensuring the technical understanding and expertise of certain suppliers and services providers across myriad sectors. They put their name only to businesses they believe in to uphold the increasingly high standards necessary. But to us, being UKAS 3rd party accredited is so much more than that.

Becoming UKAS 3rd party accredited is a badge of honour. It places us within a very small number of fire risk assessment and safety businesses here in the UK who have proved their competence in conducting certain works – in our case, conducting fire door inspections.

Becoming UKAS 3rd party accredited means we take it seriously. There are a few industries out there which are known for being heavily regulated – finance, for example – and it’s mandatory to gain certain qualifications in order to operate. The fire industry, despite having so many rules to adhere to, doesn’t make these qualifications compulsory. This is why we’re so proud to have become UKAS 3rd party accredited fire door inspection partners; for perspective, we’re one of just 26 others who’ve done the same.

Becoming UKAS 3rd party accredited is something not everyone could do, even if they were inclined to. But, as we here at Excel work towards cementing ourselves as London’s premier fire risk assessment and consultancy business, it was the natural next step; we believe it simply proves the value we place on the job we do and the services we provide.

Get in touch to hear more about the services we offer, which include full fire risk assessments, fire door installations, passive fire protection and, most recently of course, fire door inspections.