The Ins & Outs of Fire Door Surveys

So, you’re a landlord or property owner and you need your fire doors retested for certification. Even involving 3rd party UKAS accredited experts like us, fire door surveys aren’t what many would call a quick fix, with their many moving parts – no pun intended. Fire door surveys actually involve taking a detailed look at each and every aspect of the door, from the frame it sits inside of to the hardware installed into and onto it – and it can all come down to paperwork in the end.

Want to learn more about what it is we’re inspecting during fire door surveys? Take a peek at the list below.

Materials & Structure

The first thing we need to understand about a fire door is what it’s made from – is it solid timber, or GRP composite (i.e. two pieces of material with a hollow inside which is then filled with polyurethane foam)?

Closing Device

Meaning the system in place above the door set which ensures that it closes behind you properly each time. During our fire surveys, it’s our responsibility to make sure this piece of hardware specifically adheres to EN 1154/1155 – and, if it doesn’t, this door cannot be fire-rated.


Glass is becoming an increasingly popular feature on fire doors – so it’s our job to make sure that the glazing itself is fire-rated and it’s been installed adequately, with the right PYRO mark.


Handles, letter boxes, peep holes; hinges, locks and more. When it comes to conducting fire door surveys, we have to check that each piece of ironmongery is fully certified.

Gaps & Threshold Gaps

As you’d expect, an important aspect of a fire-rated door comes down to the space around it. During each fire door survey, we carefully inspect and measure these gaps to ensure they’re compliant.


Finally, to complete our fire door surveys, we have to check that the required signage on the door is all present and correct.

And above all, the paperwork.

Everything listed above essentially means nothing if you’re unable to produce the right paperwork for your door sets! For a door to be certified as fire-rated by us, we need to have the correct documentation to ensure that each piece mentioned above is what you say it is. And, if those documents aren’t something you have hold of, we can’t put our name to it – it can’t be named a fire-rated door.

Fire door surveys are a complex procedure which involve attention to detail, care and expertise on our part, something we’re glad to offer. It’s our job to keep your properties compliant and their inhabitants safe – from conducting the fire door survey itself through to now actually installing new door sets, which we’re able to do as a FIRAS certified supplier.

If you’re looking for a fire safety partner who will do the job once, properly, thoroughly, get in touch with our team today.