FRACS Fire Risk Assessments in London

When Excel Fire began, we knew it would be with a view to being the best. Which is why we take so much pride in all of those acronyms you see on our website – particularly FRACS.  We carry out a large number of FRACS fire risk assessments in London – but what does that really mean?

What is FRACS?

From the website itself: “The FRACS scheme is for fire risk assessors and certifies the competence of individuals and companies carrying out fire risk assessments.” FRACS is a nationally recognised certificate, one which uses a standardised approach to competency. This gives those in need of fire safety advice a trusted name to look to when validating suppliers.

We’ve created an efficient, highly effective process for conducting FRAs. Here’s the breakdown of what that looks like:

Step 1: Consultation

The first and arguably most important part of our process is all about fact-finding. We’ll find a time to get together at your convenience to ask questions about the property being assessed. These often include history of the building itself, structural questions, and we will take a look at previous fire safety records.

We’ll also want to know about any specific concerns or complaints that you, or a resident/employee, have brought up. All of this will be during the consultation piece of your fire risk assessment process.

Step 2: Assessment

Our qualified fire risk assessor (multiple, if needed) will conduct an in-depth and thorough fire risk assessment, to the spec of the Type you require. For reference:

  • Type 1 – common parts only, non-destructive
  • Type 2 – common parts only, destructive
  • Type 3 – common parts and flats, non-destructive
  • Type 4 – common parts and flats, destructive

We look further than face value and investigate everything carefully. During a FRACS fire risk assessment, we conduct ourselves with respect for the ultimate goal at the forefront of our minds: to save lives and reduce the damage done to our clients’ properties. It’s not just a box-ticking exercise (although rest assured, all required boxes will be ticked nonetheless!).

Step 3: Reporting

The final piece of the puzzle comes down to getting this key information into your hands. We put together a detailed report for every fire risk assessment we conduct, whether we’re working on one building for you or multiple. You’ll receive an in-depth look at what could be done, what should be done, and what needs to be done.

Whatever you need to stay compliant and safe, it’ll be in this doc. A digestible way for us to assess the risks while also consulting with and educating the amazing clients we work with.

FRACS Fire Risk Assessments in London

Our team are highly qualified, knowledgeable and, perhaps most importantly, extremely passionate about what we do. To partner with us for any fire safety needs, get in touch on 0203 302 9558.