Fire Sprinkler Installation – Legal Requirement or Smart Investment?

Fire sprinklers – they have a long and storied history. It’s said that the first was invented by Leonardo da Vinci himself, purportedly after a fire broke out during a banquet; official credit however is largely given to a British man named Ambrose Godfrey, who created what we’d recognise today back in 1723. The first functioning fire sprinkler was actually installed in London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane as long ago as 1812… All very interesting, but where are we at with regards to fire sprinkler installation today?

Like many things, though it was invented here, fire sprinklers took off more in the USA than on home turf. There has been much research into the installation of fire sprinkler systems across the UK since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, with an investigation showing that as many as 96% of high rise residential dwellings being found without them.

Thankfully, legislation is finally changing for the better – so it’s important to keep up to date.

As a landlord, am I legally required to install a fire sprinkler system – and if not, should I do so anyway?

As per the law today, any residential building which stands 11 metres or more requires the installation of fire sprinklers – a far cry from the previously legislated 30m. But the truth is, when it comes to protecting a) your property and b) the lives of your tenants, fire sprinklers have been proven time and time again to be extremely effective in doing both. So, depending on your circumstances, it could be a smart investment to make, regardless of the legalities surround it.

How effective are fire sprinklers as a fire-stopping tool?

The short answer: very.

Recent research by the NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) revealed that across 677 incidents, sprinkler systems were 99% effective1 in their performance of both controlling (62%) and even extinguishing fires (37%).

Those numbers speak for themselves.

Fire sprinkler installation – protect your property and those within it.

As a landlord, your responsibility is both a legal and moral one. If fire sprinkler installation is something you require, or simply would like to learn more about as a means to truly providing your tenants the utmost in fire safety, we’d love to talk. Get in touch with our expert team today on 0203 302 9558 or hop onto LinkedIn, connect with Matt Digby, Managing Fire Risk Assessor here at Excel, and drop him a message.



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  • Zoe Campos

    It’s good to know that fire sprinklers are highly effective in controlling and extinguishing fires, which you mentioned is proven by recent research and numbers. My husband and I recently talked about having home upgrades because we’re extending our family. I should consider looking into fire sprinkler installation and recommend it to my husband.