Fire Safety for Landlords – What Do You Need to Know?

As the person in charge or responsible for the safety of one or more residents, it’s sometimes difficult to know where your responsibility ends and your tenant’s begins. Fire legislation is constantly changing here in the UK, leaving many people unsure as to whether their properties are still compliant; enter Excel Fire, bringing you some quick and easy to digest info on fire safety for landlords. It’s our aim to help you stay up to date and able to find the resources you need.

So, what do you need to know?

Where to find information

As a landlord or property manager, staying abreast of what’s required of you couldn’t be more important. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is where you’ll find the source of all your information – what you need to do, how often and why.

What does it include?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 tells you all you need to know about fire safety for landlords, from fire risk assessments and how regularly they need to be conducted to fire detection equipment (i.e. fire alarms) and fire prevention systems (for example fire-rated and fire-resistant doors, fire extinguishers etc).

How often should I be checking up on requirements?

When it comes to fire safety, as a landlord there should be few tasks which place higher on your list of priorities. Not only should you be regularly checking in on your tenants anyway, but make checking what’s legally required of you a regular thing, not occasional. For instance, as of July 1st 2020, new regulations have come into play regarding conducting checks of all electrical installations inside the home – for instance light fittings, plug sockets and more. It’s now mandatory to do so every 5 years – which, without making a conscious effort to stay up to date, you might not have known.

And why is it so important?

Well, to answer that question we can look at it from many angles. To put it legally: to ensure your property is compliant and as such your back is covered in the event of a fire breaking out. To put it bluntly: to save lives.

Fire safety for landlords is what we do; as a leading fire risk assessor in London, we’re proud to not only service our clients but consult, educate and update them too. We go above and beyond because we love what we do – keep our clients compliant and their tenants safe.

For more information on fire safety for landlords or any of the fire-related services we offer, we’re at the end of the phone – 0203 302 9558.

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