3 Things to Include in your Fire Safety Plan

When it comes to fire safety, as a landlord, business owner or property manager of any description, legislation is the name of the game. Having a fail-safe fire safety plan in place is the first step in understanding fire risks, moreover how to mitigate and deal with them; putting down on paper what your employees or residents should do in the event of a fire couldn’t be more important. Enter, the fire safety plan.

By definition, a fire safety plan is a detailed document which outlines all aspects of any given building with regards to fire safety. What that really means, is understanding what the risks are, how to minimise them, and what everyone should do in the event that a fire does break out. Think a step-by-step breakdown as to the actions of each person, where to go and other important details.

So, what needs to be included in your fire safety plan?

  • An in-depth evacuation plan, which shows that you clearly understand where your emergency escape routes are. Making sure each person knows where to go in the event of a fire is crucial to a well-executed fire safety plan.
  • A strong understanding of the structure, and what precautions are in place within it. This means ensuring there are enough fire escape routes to allow everyone to escape, clear passageways, emergency doors which are up to code and emergency lighting where necessary.
  • A solid communication plan for everyone involved, whether employee or resident, to demonstrate how you make sure everyone within is familiar with the fire safety plan and evacuation routes. This could be in the form of training in an office setting, or clear signs and access to the plan for inhabitants of a building.

It’s not to be taken lightly; you need to consider the occupancy of the building, its size and the regulations you need to meet, on top of actually instructing those within as to the process if they discover a fire, hear a fire alarm, and so on and so forth. A fire safety plan is no mean feat in its curating; but that labour might just save a life in the long run.

As fire risk assessors ourselves, we’ve seen our fair share of fire safety plans. Our aim is to make sure that yours does everything it’s supposed to legally, with the overriding goal of keeping everyone safe in the event that an emergency does occur. When was the last time you gave yours a once over?

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