3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Fire Safety

When Nathan Storey joined us back in March, it was with a ton of ambition but a pretty open mind. A career in fire safety is such a rich and diverse place, with so many paths to explore. Where would we end up?

Well, fast forward just a few short months, we’re looking at an individual who’s grown from a green apprentice into now preparing for his Level 4 Fire Inspector qualification: no mean feat. This will grant him the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of people by building prohibition notices against properties which simply shouldn’t be inhabited – and we couldn’t be more proud.

And that’s the beauty of a career in fire safety – it’s an ever-evolving, hugely exciting and developmental thing. If you’re thinking about beginning an apprenticeship – or, for that matter, thinking of taking on an apprentice in our industry – here are 3 great reasons why you should.

A career in fire safety: Never stop learning.

While much of the legislation we adhere to has been set in stone for a while, there’s quite literally no end to the learning you can do. In the fire safety industry, you’re constantly seeing new scenarios and situations unfold. You’re dealing with circumstances you’ve never come across before. You’re constantly on guard to look more deeply into what’s happening, actively keeping on top of new industry teachings, aiming to be the best and most competent in your field.

If learning’s what you love, a career in fire safety has no finish line.

A career in fire safety: Life skills you’ll never lose.

Curiosity. Accountability. Self-awareness. The ability to hold your hands up and say, “I’m not sure, let me look into this further,” rather than giving it your best go and moving on.

A career in fire safety will help you hone all of the above and more. The skills you’ll learn from day one are practical, they’re transferrable, and in our opinion, they’re pretty admirable, too. We learn how to exercise minute attention to detail, whilst still being able to admit when we need more help or information. We learn to listen to our gut. We learn how to be confident in that which we’re competent in, but not over-stretch.

These life skills add up to something special over time, and are something each fire safety professional can – and should – be extremely proud of.

A career in fire safety: Be part of something bigger.

Simply put, working in the fire safety industry means you could have a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of others.

What better reason could there be to get out of bed in the morning?

Share this article with your friends, your loved ones, your contacts and your network – because if we can promise you one thing, it’s that a career in fire safety is a worthwhile one.