3 Questions to Ask Your Fire Safety Company

If you’re looking to hire a fire safety company for any manner of inspections, repairs, upgrades or otherwise, it’s crucial to work with the right one. Have a read of the three key questions we’d advise you to ask to determine exactly that.

  1. Do you conduct fire surveys, assessments or both?

There’s a big difference between the two, and they’re often confused. A fire validation survey is a low-cost option to gather information as to the safety of your property; it essentially involves a non-intrusive look at your premises, and then delivery of sound advice and recommendations thereafter. Surveys are a flexible option for landlords, which don’t constitute any legally binding actions to be taken.

A fire risk assessment, on the other hand, is a comprehensive inspection of the property and can range from type 1-4, encompassing everything from structural fire protection to destructive testing of current systems. Once you’ve had a fire risk assessment completed, you will need to act on the advice given within to comply with regulations – which is why we deliver ours using the Bolster system, making everything as easy as possible to understand and then complete.

  1. Who are you accredited by?

The fire safety industry is so highly regulated, yet it’s still actually possible to give advice and guidance without being accredited to do so! Be sure to enquire into any fire safety company’s actual qualifications and what regulatory bodies they’re a part of – if anything, to make sure they take their own pedigree seriously.

There are multiple organisations which denote excellence in service and expertise, such as the IFE, IFSM and CHAS, along with multiple third party qualifications a fire safety company may aspire to achieve – including BlueSky, FIRAS and the highly coveted FRACS (which our very own Managing Fire Risk Assessor, Matt Digby, proudly holds as one of only 60 certified individuals in the UK).

  1. Why do you do what you do?

Speak to any member of staff at Excel Fire and you’ll soon understand the passion we operate with; we’re here to save lives, simple as. In offering our clients the exceptional service we’ve come to be known for, we do our bit to achieve exactly that.

To hear more about the range of fire safety services we offer, and to learn more about what makes us different to every other fire safety company here in London, get in touch.