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High-Rise Fire Safety: 3 Tips for Landlords

high-rise fire safety

Being the landlord of a high-rise building poses different challenges and more to think about when it comes to fire safety. A fire is unpredictable at the best of times; adding to that a longer escape route and myriad ways for it to spread plus potentially longer detection times means that high-rise fire safety carries […]

Which Fire Detection System Should You Be Using?

fire detection system

As fire risk assessors, it’s our responsibility to understand the hazards of the buildings we inspect. Further to this and certainly one of the most important aspects of fire fighting is about understanding which fire detection system is going to be the most useful and effective when it comes to protecting your properties and its […]

3 Questions to Ask Your Fire Safety Company

fire safety company

If you’re looking to hire a fire safety company for any manner of inspections, repairs, upgrades or otherwise, it’s crucial to work with the right one. Have a read of the three key questions we’d advise you to ask to determine exactly that. Do you conduct fire surveys, assessments or both? There’s a big difference […]

Fire Safety for Landlords – What Do You Need to Know?

fire safety for landlords

As the person in charge or responsible for the safety of one or more residents, it’s sometimes difficult to know where your responsibility ends and your tenant’s begins. Fire legislation is constantly changing here in the UK, leaving many people unsure as to whether their properties are still compliant; enter Excel Fire, bringing you some […]

Fire Door or Fire Exit – What’s the Difference?

fire door

In last week’s blog we made a brief mention of a question we get asked regularly: fire door or fire exit, what’s the difference? It seems like a simple question, however the technical terms do often get mixed up given that they’re both commonly referred to as ‘fire doors’. It can become confusing, especially as […]

4 Fire Safety Tips for Summer

fire safety tips

We all talk about spring cleaning – but what about summer safety? Not that it feels much like summer yet here in London; still, when the temperature starts rising, so can the likelihood of a domestic fire breaking out. As such, we thought we’d put together our top 4 fire safety tips for summer – […]

What You Need To Know About Properly Accredited Fire Doors

Properly Accredited Fire Doors

Fire doors: to say there’s a lot to learn would be a vast understatement. As a landlord, property manager or health & safety responsible person, understanding all you need to know about properly accredited fire doors couldn’t be more crucial in developing a fail-safe fire safety strategy. Let’s backtrack; what do we mean by ‘properly’ […]

The Institute Of Fire Safety Managers

Institute Of Fire Safety Managers

Excel Fire are proud to be members of The Institute of Fire Safety Managers – IFSM The Institute of Fire Safety Managers is a professional body of highly respected individuals and companies who all share the same objective.“To raise the awareness of fire safety at a local, national and international level, promoting fire prevention, fire protection […]