Excel Fire Mission

Our Mission is to Ignite Awareness, Extinguish Risk by empowering fire safety through excellence.

Our vision is to be the premier provider of passive fire protection solutions, safeguarding lives and assets with innovative, reliable, and forward thinking practices that set the industry standard.
In our commitment to superior passive fire protection, our method involves meticulous site assessments, precision installation of fire resistant materials, adherence to industry regulations, and ongoing quality checks. By combining expertise with cutting-edge technology, we ensure a comprehensive and reliable defence against fire hazards, prioritising safety and compliance at every stage of our processes.

Committed to excellence, fastidiousness & reliability with a plethora of services to offer to suit individual specific project requirements.

Calling all Building owners, Landlords, Businesses, Hospitals, Public buildings, Councils, Local authorities and contractors.
Avoid heavy fines, possible imprisonment and respect the inhabitants of your buildings.

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